About us


UNIKATUM Children's Museum was founded in 2010 by Annegret Hänsel and the team from the UNIKATUM Exhibition Agency. It hosts interactive exhibitions which change in time for the new school year for both children and adults. It aims to create walk-in pictures on topics of social interest which can be explored by visitors. Every year it welcomes about 26,000 visitors.

UNIKATUM is a private initiative which is largely run by volunteers and a big thank-you goes out to all those who help us and support us in a variety of ways! In 2014, UNIKATUM won first prize in the City of Leipzigs Family-Friendly Awards. And it was also the proud recipient of the 2012/13 Saxon Sociocultural Activity Prize from the Saxon Arts Foundation.

In 2017 the museum expanded with new exhibition rooms, a café and an outdoor exhibition in the garden.

In 2020 we won a certificate from the LupoLeo Award for social engagement. Besides we were under the top 20 in the competition for democratic engagement.