The Urban Machine
  • 2015/16 exhibition (until 5 August 2016)

    This interactive exhibition will take you through seven different buildings in the city, including the town hall. Some people say a city functions like a machine. But is that really true? How does it work? And what about the residents?

  • Adopting a fantasy profession (such as a keeper of fabulous beasts or a robot trainer), you can try to help design the city. Mind you, there are a few tricky problems that need to be solved. For example, why does the tap water taste of raspberry juice? And why has controversy flared up over the new tram dining car?

    To mark the millennium of Leipzig, the exhibition helps children aged five and above as well as adults to understand urban life.

  • Work produced by schoolchildren during the 2015 Summer Workshop such as the Urban Machine Radio Workshop and the Animation Workshop is on show at the exhibition. Furthermore, the wonderful buildings produced during the UNIKATUM Children’s Museum summer tour ‘Build your own city!’ are also on display. A city of the future has been produced including skyscrapers, children’s hotels, theatres and much more besides.

    The exhibition project ‘The Urban Machine’ has been kindly funded by Leipzig’s Office for Cultural Affairs, the Saxon Arts Foundation, municipal utility Stadtwerke Leipzig, and the Sociocultural Fund. Thank you all very much!