World of Plenty

An exhibition? A space adventure!
The student reporters Bine and Till fly to the wellness planet Oasis in their space ship Star Bike. Oasis is a recreational planet used for holidays. But now, more dwarf planets have been found around Oasis and you can be the first to explore them! One even looks like a cake ...

The interaktive exhibition “World of Plenty” deals with our ideas and dreams of happiness and prosperity, with exuberance and weariness and the downsides of living in abundance. The exhibition is suited for children of reading age or accompanied by an adult to help with texts.

To stroll through a “Garden of Plenty“ in the warm summer sun – this is now possible in the courtyard garden of the UNIKATUM Children's Museum. You can try out our treasure hunt and find out what's hidden in the Cockaygne Safe.

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