World of Plenty – Poster Competition

What is your idea of a perfect world? What does wealth mean – for you, for everyone, for our children and grandchildren? Or for our planet? A „World of Plenty“ means something different todays than the past idea of rivers of milk and honey ... Draw and label your dream planet, your modern Utopia!

Alongside our new interactive exhibition “World of Plenty”, we‘re hosting the second part of the poster competition (size A3) for A: children (age 5–14); B: youth and adults (both who live in Saxony).

1st prize: 150 EUR
2nd prize: 100 EUR
3rd prize: 50 EUR

additional prizes:
3x2 tickets for the leipzig zoo
3 family tickets for the children‘s museum

The Jury

A jury of personalities from the fields of culture, nature and environment protection, and politics from all over Saxony will evaluate the entries and select the winners:

  • Ayleena Jung, wife of the mayor of Leipzig
  • Dr. Claudia Maicher, Saxon parliament, BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN, Leipzig
  • Thomas Klepel, head of nature park Dübener Heide / Verein Dübener Heide e. V. , Bad Düben
  • Antje Feiks, Saxon parliament, DIE LINKE, Dresden
  • Vera Ohlendorf, LAG Queer Network Saxony e. V., Dresden
  • Hanka Kliese, Saxon parliament, SPD, Chemnitz
  • Jürgen Bergmann, founder and creative head of Kulturinsel Einsiedel, Zentendorf near Görlitz
  • Dr. Winfried Nachtigall , Sächsischer Vogelschutzpavillon / ornithological station Neschwitz

Conditions of participation

  • Size of the poster: A3 (horizontally or vertically)
  • Each poster shall depict a planet in full, the shape of the planet is up to the participants imagination
  • Each poster shall depict an idea of a modern, worldwide Cockaigne: What must this world be like if all inhabitants want  to live carefree and in abundance? What has to be there, what has to be absent?
  • The jury will not only evaluate the artistic performance, but also whether it represents the values of social coexistence and shows a critical eye on the idea of a „World of Plenty“, be it in a humorous or serious way.
  • Each poster has to include a legend in English or German which shortly explains the idea. The work also has to have a title. The captions can be handwritten, but have to be legible.
  • Each entry has to contain the following information: Name, age, address, email.
  • By participation each contestant agrees that, when chosen by the jury, her/his work can be published with name, age and city of residence of the artist.
  • Participation is possible by sending the poster in an envelope (please only fold once) via mail or as a scanned JPG (300dpi RGB) via email.
  • The deadline is 16.12.2019. The verdict is unchallengeable and the jury's decission is final.

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