Heart throb – Emotional roller coaster
  • The 2014/15 exhibition dealt with seemingly conflicting feelings such as love and fear and our consciousness as well as our perception of our own feelings and those of others.

  • The exhibition is loosely recommended for children who can read as they’ll be able to take it in better than younger visitors. Mind you, we know from experience that families tend to bring all their children or perhaps just the younger ones and explore the exhibition with them together. We think it’s best when families simply take all their children to the exhibition whatever their age. Then they can explore it together, encourage each other, play together, try things out, and ask each other questions...

    Come and take a rapid rollercoaster ride through the crazy Castle of Memories from the North Wing to the South Wing of Emotions. Discover the Hall of Friends, the Shower of Surprise, and the Cellar of Fear, which only the most courageous will dare enter! And in the castle’s treasure chamber, see if you can find the magic key….

  • Address by the Deputy Mayor of Culture: Jumping for joy one day, devastated the next. Everyone knows the rollercoaster of human emotions. What triggers our feelings – and how do they affect others? Can they even be captured in an exhibition?
    I’m certain that this new annual exhibition will take us on unknown paths, surprise and persuade us, and give us plenty of food for thought. I would like to wholeheartedly thank the team from UNIKATUM Children’s Museum who, operating on a largely voluntary basis, have been developing professional exhibitions for years, inspiring children and adults of all ages.

    Michael Faber
    Deputy Mayor of Culture of the City of Leipzig, April 2014