Here you can read what visitors think about our current exhibition:

World of Plenty
Outdoor museum with treasure hunt in the garden

The Kingdom of Imagination
For children aged 5 and older

Bionics for kids
For children aged 7 and older, no English translation available

Inventing the Future
(Museum Cafe Goetz)
For adults and teenagers


Leon Stiller (8 Jahre)

Wednesday, 24-04-19 13:53

mir gefällt es hir gut
ich entfele es allen meinem Freunden


wikus nichts (8,8 Jahre)

Wednesday, 24-04-19 12:56

Hier ist es cool


Regina vogl (11 Jahre Jahre)

Wednesday, 24-04-19 11:07

ich find das vekleiden sehr cool aber es könte billiger sein:)


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Mon 2 - 6 pm
Tue - Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Sat / Sun 3 - 7 pm


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In the Museum Café: „Inventing the future“ for teenagers and adults
In „The Kingdom of imagination“ – for kids of daycare age and above
Impression from “Bionics for kids“