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Current exhibitions

All you can eat?
Our interactive exhibition on the subject of nutrition is served up!
Suitable for children of reading age or accompanied by a reading aide.
Our playable "garden rally" complements the exhibition with the presentation of local cultivated plants.

  Inventing the Future (Museum Cafe Goetz)
Exhibition about Utopias for Adults and Teenagers

The Kingdom of Imagination
A discovery journey into the worlds of the mind
for children aged 5 or older

Hands-on exhibition on climate change
(only available in German)

What our visitors say:


Barbara Adam (66 Jahre)

Saturday, 31-10-20 11:45

Im unterem Raum gefällt mir das Video über die Herstellung des Korns am besten. Auch die artgerechte Haltung der Schweine ist toll. Ebenfalls gesunde Ernährung super erklärt. Tolle Gestaltung in jedem Raum. Schade, das die Museen denganzen November schliessen müssen.


Julius Adam (11 Jahre Jahre)

Saturday, 31-10-20 11:35

Mir gefällt das es unten einen sandspielplatz gibt.


Helena (6 Jahre)

Thursday, 29-10-20 17:03

Mir hat das Malen sehr gefallen. Es war wirklich schön hier!


Closed until 14.02.2021 due to the pandemic.

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we still have to pay our running expenses.
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In the Museum Café: “Inventing the future” for teenagers and adults
In “The Kingdom of imagination” for kids of daycare age and above
“All you can eat?”