Here you can read what visitors think about our current exhibition:

World of Plenty
Starts June 22nd! 

The Kingdom of ImaginationFor children aged 5 and older

Bionics for kids
For children aged 7 and older, no English translation available

Inventing the Future
(Museum Cafe Goetz)
For adults and teenagers


spongebob schwammkopf (9999 Jahre)

Tuesday, 14-05-19 15:43

hier ist es cool :-)


Coco Roemlein (6 Jahre)

Friday, 10-05-19 14:54

Coco Alisa Ophelia Charlotte
happy birthday party


Sandor Briel Traveria (15 Jahre)

Sunday, 05-05-19 14:59



The museum is closed from June 10th till June 21st!
We reopen on June 22nd with
the outdoor exhibition Garden of Plenty!
Check out the World of Plenty Poster Competition!

Summer weekends: open 3 - 7 pm!

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KIMUnauts – Children create exibits

In the Museum Café: „Inventing the future“ for teenagers and adults
In „The Kingdom of imagination“ – for kids of daycare age and above
Impression from “Bionics for kids“