Balderdash! Adventures in the jungle of language
  • Come with us as we explore the jungle of language! Your journey starts at the research station, where you’ll be given a map to help you find your way through the Forest of Words, the Thicket of Lies and the Desert of Print! Hidden treasures await you in the form of secrets of language. You’ll find out about languages with no words, languages about to become extinct, secret writing, and much more besides.

  • Find a team to cross the jungle with – perhaps with a macaw named Papa Gaja, Professor Banda Neander or Cobra Cola. Each team receives a different research assignment. In the jungle, you’ll come across a number of recording stations where you can try out strange sounds or play language games. And you’ll discover that our language is actually a playground where it never gets boring!

  • Partly funded by the Arts Foundation of Saxony.

  • The 2013 Summer Workshop preceding the annual exhibition was kindly funded by Leipzig’s Office for Cultural Affairs.

  • A multilingual guide has been created for the language exhibition ‘Balderdash’ with the assistance of migrant women. This project was funded under the regional programme ‘Cosmopolitan Saxony for Democracy and Tolerance’: