Bionics for Kids

The new exhibition “Bionics for Kids“ is now open. It's the first time we show an exhibition that wasn't developed by us, but rented from Umweltzentrum Hanau. But we expanded it by several stations for younger kids, which were developed by us pro bono.


Bionik – Ideenlabor Natur

Am 16.12. ist zum letzen Mal unsere Ausstellung „Ach du liebe Zeit!“ zu sehen. Danach ist das Museum für den Umbau vom 17.-26.12. geschlossen. Am 27.12. starten wir dann mit der neuen Ausstellung „Ideenlabor Natur“!



The lantern is still a work in progress, but there's plenty of material available to decorate it. Come along for one of workshops and build your own lamp!
The workshops are funded by the EU and the city of Leipzig and are free of charge.

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